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Click Browse in the navigation bar to open a webpage that lists eccDNAs within the database. You will see a table as following. In the eccDNA table, ID, segments, genes, copy number, sample, tissue, disease, and cell line are shown.

Click on an eccDNA ID to browse its details. As shown in the following figure, basic information, reconstructed structure, eccDNA genes, gene expression profiles, prognosis are displayed.

eccDNA basic information
Reconstructed eccDNA structure
Details of an eccDNA segment
eccDNA gene expression in cancers
Comparison of eccDNA gene expression between tumor and normal samples
Prognosis of eccDNA gene

Search eccDNA

Different ways have been provided to search the database. Uses can search by eccDNA ID, gene, cancer, tissue or sample, depending on what information they have in hand.


We highly evaluate community contribution. If you have eccDNA data suitable for eccDNAdb, please do not hesitate to submit it to us. Click Submit in the navigation bar to reach the data submission page.

If our user want to give us suggestions or report issues regarding this database, please go to the contact page to send us your opinions.

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Peng, L. et al. eccDNAdb: a database of extrachromosomal circular DNA profiles in human cancers. Oncogene (2022).